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Tribute to Iain Macmillan/Abbey Road

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August 8, 2019

A friend that I met while working with John and Yoko back in 1971. We worked closely together on various projects. He took the photo for the 45 rpm sleeve of “Happy Xmas (War Is Over) at the Record Plant Studios in NY. For my 21st birthday, he took a series of photos of me as my gift. I will cherish them forever. We spent many days just chatting over our favorite movies, food, just everyday life.

Iain is the most unknown photographer who took the most iconic photograph in the world.  Today, we celebrate the release of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. It was 50 years ago today. I believe he only had 20 minutes to take the photos and he only took 6 shots. I’ve seen his outtakes. He was a brilliant photographer.

I am honored to have known Iain and to have been his friend up to his death. I was so glad we spoke the week before he passed in 2006. I thank him for my special gift that he left me. His works will live on forever especially his Abbey Road cover.

Iain Macmillan