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Purple All Over!

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February 25, 2019

A year ago, I decided to stop coloring my hair with black hair dye (black being my natural color) to keep the greys at bay. I got bored with the same color and thought it was time to for a change.  I’ve been a redhead already, maybe blue…nah. Well, purple came to mind and now I had to find the right purple. So I went to my favorite girls for advice…Tish and Snooky. They know something about color…their company is MANIC PANIC ( They’ve been into doing this for years during the punk era out of the East Village. Their company has grown worldwide.

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My Newly Dyed Purple Hair

They gave me all shades of purple…I liked Purple Haze. That is what I’ve been using.

Now comes the question,  how long before I have to dye my hair again. I didn’t mind it getting lighter but didn’t want to dye it every 3 to 4 weeks. What us ladies go through to try and look good! My daughter came to me when I was going through my woes with her. Lara said to me that she discovered this hair conditioner that drops color back into your hair when you use it. It also didn’t require to use cold water to wash it out!  I think my prayers were answered.  I couldn’t wait to try that.  Going onto their website (, I purchased Extreme Purple. Best yet, the time to leave the conditioner on is a matter of mere minutes! What a timesaver to boot.

The purple that people see on my head now has garnered countless compliments I get daily and it’s been a year! From workers in Costco, to hairstylist in Las Vegas to everyday people on the street. It’s amazing. Thank you to Manic Panic for their colors and to Overtone for their conditioners to keep it going.

A side note…If you want color but afraid to go all the way, try using one of the Overtone color conditioners on your greys. It will drop some color onto your hair. This way you can see if you really want that color.  Have fun!

My Present Day Purple

My Present Day Purple

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