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I am a Comic Book Character!

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August 23, 2015
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I am a comic book character!!! Isn’t this cool? I was sent this by my good friend, Jay Allen Sandford (who I have interviewed a couple of times on my radio show). I feature in the Beatles Experience Series of Comics created by Todd Loren, who was sadly murdered in 1992 – his murder is unsolved to this day. Todd was only 32 at the time of his death and it remains a mysterious tragedy.

Jay Allen Sandford is an illustrator himself and worked with Todd from the beginning. Jay is getting the word out about Todd’s amazing collection of comics, titled Rock’n’Roll Comics. They are fantastic, if albeit unauthorised, illustrated chronicles of the stories of many great rock’n’rollers (although some really didn’t like his work!!). The collection covers everyone imaginable – from Elvis Presley to KISS and beyond.

I think his work is great and highly recommend getting your hands on a few if you can. You can order them from Amazon or directly from the Rock’n’Roll Comics website (links below).

Thank you Jay for sending these to me! Enjoy!