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My Birthday Week

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November 9, 2015
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Friday October 23rd…


My friends arrived in the afternoon from Liverpool. Freda Kelly (Good Ol’ Freda), Phil Parker and Vera Brown (former sister-in-law to early Beatles’ promoter, Sam Leach). They were all exhausted but okay. We all went for a late lunch and afterwards I took Freda and Phil (Vera was too tired to go) to the Chiller Theatre Convention in New Jersey. If you’ve never been to this one, it is definitely an experience. It’s based on a lot of horror movie actors and then there is a section for musicians as they have a jam on the Saturday night. Having done this show myself, it was good to bring Freda and Phil around to meet some of the people I knew especially the musicians. Dennis Dunaway and his bandmates from Alice Cooper … minus Alice, of course. Gene Cornish from The Rascals, Richie Scarlet and Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart.) We also met Bill Mumy who used to star in the TV series “Lost In Space.” I interviewed him on my BlogTalkRadio Show so we knew each other but never met. It was quite interesting for Freda. Kevin Clement, the promoter, wants Freda for one of the convention. I think it would be a good idea.


Saturday October 24th…


We all woke up late and we all went to my local diner for brunch. We ate there everyday. They loved it. I drove Freda and Phil to the train station so they can get into town early to meet friends. Vera and I stayed behind and got caught in traffic on the way home. We were meeting them later as I had also arranged for us to go to see The Fab Faux perform at The Beacon Theater in NYC. Meanwhile, we had some of Freda’s friends come into NY and they got tickets to see the show and they were also attending my birthday bash the next day… Bob Becker and Deborah Kent Clark. After the show, the boys met Freda which was a surprise to them. Jimmy was the first as he got me the tickets for us that night. Jim Boggia, who played with them that night, couldn’t believe she was there and was very excited. I was just as excited as there was a choir backing the group up. And in the choir were Robin Clark and Emily Bindiger who I haven’t seen in a long time. Robin is married to guitarist Carlos Alomar and he was there with their daughter Lea. Great night all around starting with finding a parking space right next to the theater and if anyone knows about NYC, it isn’t easy to find a space.


Sunday October 25th…


It was a wild time getting all of us into a car. By the time we got there Vera had fallen and scraped her leg badly, her heels got caught in the NYC grates. She sat through the party in one spot the whole night in pain. She was had more attention from everyone there, especially the men. Mark Preston along with Pat Jennings, Ed & Melani and Helaine Nemeth threw this birthday party for me. I never saw the food that came in. I do know we had a fantastic jam that Jonathan Moorehead (Mojo) ran and Mike Sinclair (Audio Inc.) doing the sound. We had double drums setup and what a night for music. We had Vinny Martell (Vanilla Fudge) play and his wife Peg singing. Godfrey Townsend (Happy Together Tour), Kenny Aaronson, Billy and Matty Amendola, Roberta Fabiano, Valerie Romanoff, Lisa Brigantino, Benny Harrison, Simon Kirke (Bad Company, Free), Jon Paris, Pete Santora (Beatlemania), Ian Lloyd (Stories) and Mark Hudson…just to name a few. The night had some great music!


Monday October 26th…


The next night, Mark Hudson performed at The Iridium. The place where Les Paul called home. Mark was hysterical knowing Freda was in the audience. He sang “Bird Of Paradox” for and to me. It was a pretty good version. He had some special guests joining him onstage. Billy J. Kramer, David Johansen aka Buster Poindexter and Earl Slick. All in all it was an amazing weekend…non-stop. And on Nov. 9th at The Rockers On Broadway event to benefit the Path Fund for the arts community, I am being given the Ambassador of Rock Award! Wow is all I can say.