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October 21, 2014

Welcome to my new website, a place where I hope to share my photography, books and jewellery collection, as well as updates on the various projects, charitable work and events which I’m fortunate to be involved in. I’ve enjoyed delving through my archive to bring together an intimate collection of photographs of my friends and musical cohorts. I plan to keep updating my site with more from my archive, which covers over 40 great years in the music business and has all sorts of as yet un-released goodies, including memories from my time with John as well as the crazy days that followed, documenting some pivotal moments from music history.

I’m blessed with a busy life that I will be sharing through my new blog ‘May in Manhattan’, a window into my time in this great city and my travels around the world. The News section will feature links to my long running, popular, Internet radio show, ‘Dinner Specials’ which I host with my good friend, Cynthia Neilson.

I’ve had a lot of fun working with the creative team at Net-Defence, who took time out from their work on and to work closely with me on this exciting project, which is by no means over yet… We are planning to continually expand, making it the ultimate place to find all things ‘May Pang’, past present and future!


May Pang.



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 My friend Violet Benny invited me to this dinner tonight at the Natural Gourmet Institute. I’m so excited for this meal. #NGI  Before I left NJ, I was taken to breakfast @Amy’s Omelettes. What a place, great eggs and fabulous server to try and help me narrow down what I should order!  One more thing that Jesse Colin Young gave away tonight...this bag of coffee beans which I can’t wait to try it. #jessecolinyoungcoffee #dsminc #tobibar19 #thecuttingroomnyc
 @beacontheatre for fundraiser concert Love Rocks NYC! Waiting for the great music to start...Will Lee is MD and bandleader.  On my way to Monmouth University for a talk with Kenneth Womack. Should be a fun night. Ken talking about Sir George. Martin and me...well...can you guess???  Listening to stories by Jesse Colin Young at The Cutting Room. Feels like the old record days watching him speak. Can’t wait to see him perform. #jesseColinYoung #theyoungbloods #maypang
 Went down to the retail store that sells Nest Candles. I love their giant size diffusers. I won’t be running out of this stuff any time soon! The store is located on 252 Elizabeth Street in NYC if anyone wants to pick up some great smelling fragrance candles.  Here’s a motley crew. We were all at The Cutting Room for a one man play called 3 Egg Creams starring Vince Bandille. This play was inspired by & featuring the music of Lou Christie. Nice way to spend my Valentine’s Day. Left to right: Lou C, Ron (Lou’s drummer), Billy J Kramer, Q104.3 DJ Ken Dashow, me, Eddie & David Brigati (The Young Rascals & Joey Dee & the Starlighters.)  Tobi and I are at the Laurence and Chico Fashion Runway for their Fall/Winter 2019 collection. It’s packed here at Pier 59 at 2pm!

May In Manhattan