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 Amazing to hear and see the fireworks in the distance from my apartment. Nice way to end the day after a BBQ at a friend's house.  Gorgeous sunset tonight.  Yesterday it was my friend Deborah’s birthday. We had gone out to hear some good music at The Cutting Room the night before. Also there was my friend Eve Brandstein ... it was a girls night out in The Big Apple.
 On the streets of NYC!  Lara and I strolling down W. 57th St. after her birthday dinner @trattoriadellarte... delicious!  At Meow Parlour with Sebastian. We are hanging with Josie.
 Waiting for my friend, Judy Twerksky, for lunch. It is a scorcher out there. The Tower Diner is just the right place to be...nice and cool.  A small hang after his @buildseriesnyc interview talking about his new children's book HEAL THE EARTH.  Normally I have to color my roots within 3 weeks because if it’s fast growth. Having used #oVertonecolorconditioner, the Extreme Purple conditioner and deep treatment, I don’t need to color my hair so quickly. My roots are now in a lavender color. More people notice my hair is now purple courtesy of #manicpaniccolor, Purple Haze and to #oVertoneConditioners.

May In Manhattan