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Johnny B. Bad????

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March 18, 2019

I have just seen a new book by my friend, Stephanie Bennett. She is an English film producer who co-produced The Compleat Beatles in 1984 that sold over a million copies. She has produced and directed a number of music documentaries. One of my favorites is Roy Orbison’s Black and White Night. The array of musicians participating in this film was amazing. She has also produced documentaries on The Beach Boys, The Everly Bros., Joni Mitchell to name a few that I’m sure you have seen and if you haven’t…what are you waiting for???

Stephanie has now the title of author too. She has written a book called Johnny B Bad Chuck Berry and the Making of Hail! Hail! Rock’n’Roll which has just been released. I can’t wait to delve into the behind the scenes of this movie. Go get the book!


Johnny B Bad/Chuck Berry

Johnny B Bad/Chuck Berry

Stephanie & May

Stephanie & May

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 Last night @irvingplaza in NYC, I went to see Mike Peters and The Alarm with opening act Ryan Hamilton, who was fun to watch as a one man band. He had the audience in his corner. Mike and his band came out blazing. Everyone sang with Mike all night. Just a fab night all around. My son was born during the making of the Change album. So it was a great reunion. #TheAlarm #theryanhamilton  @pangeanyc with Tammy Faye doing her Marianne Faithful-Broken English Revue. Fab and fun show for me and MaryEllen Cataneo.  At the end of the dinner @tribecagrill, these desserts came to the table ... omg! 2 boards of different cheeses, creme brûlée, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate layer cake, berries and cream, pecan pie and banana pie. Fabulous restaurant and staff.
 What a great surprise to run into Debora Francis while I was having a meeting with Hillary @duggalnyc to discuss my upcoming photo show in Bridgehampton.  The PLAY IT LOUD, INSTRUMENTS OF ROCK’N’ROLL Exhibition @TheMet. Some great mini videos from Jimmy Page and Keith Richard about the guitars they used in the day. The exhibit starts April 8th and runs through Oct. 1.  This is definitely what we need in the world! Lovely to see this as I got off the train @theFranklinStreet stop. Great reminder.
 In mid-town NYC with Andrew Loog Oldham and his lovely wife, Esther.  Had a really good time seeing and hearing Rogers & Butler tonight with Don Piper @pangeanyc. Nice to get out and hear some good original music.  For Eddie’s 70th, I thought he would like one of my John inspired design sterling silver crosses from my collection. It was a good fit! Happy Birthday Eddie!❤️

May In Manhattan