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A Day Trip into the Big Apple!

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August 15, 2015


A day trip into the Big Apple… Going into Manhattan is quite an ordeal these days. Just traffic all around. I decided to take the train into the city, into Grand Central Station… I could have taken the car and found a garage for about $60 in the part of town I was heading. That is just the start, it would have been another $13 for the toll too. The thought of looking for a garage just didn’t excite me at all. So here I was heading over the Tappan Zee bridge to a town called Tarrytown to catch the train…the toll is $5 for now. Parking could be difficult there as it is limited for non-residents. I managed to find one and it cost me $10.50 and the train ticket cost me $20.50. If I didn’t buy the ticket at the machine before boarding, it would cost me an extra $6.00 on the train! I’m $36.00 in before I get into the city and this doesn’t count the petrol that I’ve used for the car.

My friend Pat meets me and we go for lunch and she wanted to treat me and that lunch was $80 for Mexican. No matter what, the cost of living is so out whack. I will say that there is no other city like New York especially at night. I can’t believe I grew up right in the city. It makes me appreciate what I have and had.



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  • Ed Kleinman

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing!!


 Saying hello to former ABC NY Meteorologist, Bill Evans, @WPLJReunion last night. He’s now @WLNG 92FM out in the Hamptons.  Dessert: Shaved Ice @PigandKhao on the lower east side with @thelaravee, Christopher Singh and Maria Singh. So full...  Last night @irvingplaza in NYC, I went to see Mike Peters and The Alarm with opening act Ryan Hamilton, who was fun to watch as a one man band. He had the audience in his corner. Mike and his band came out blazing. Everyone sang with Mike all night. Just a fab night all around. My son was born during the making of the Change album. So it was a great reunion. #TheAlarm #theryanhamilton
 @chaseedwardsgallery ... come by if you want something to do June 15th.  A quick catch up with Ashley Davie before he headed back to Birmingham. Have to make the trip longer next time and I’m glad he got to see The Met exhibit Play It Loud.  What a great surprise to run into Debora Francis while I was having a meeting with Hillary @duggalnyc to discuss my upcoming photo show in Bridgehampton.
 Pinball Wizard - The Who with full orchestra. #TheWho #MSG  A break for an easy afternoon lunch to catch up.  In mid-town NYC with Andrew Loog Oldham and his lovely wife, Esther.

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