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Cynthia Lennon – My Friend, My Sister

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April 5, 2015

What a terrible April Fools’ Day. I learned that one of my good friends that I’ve known for three-quarters of my life had passed on to a higher level. I felt such a punch in my gut when I heard the news.


She made me laugh and she definitely would tell you straight if she didn’t like something. She never sugar-coated anything.


She was a real good cook. She was the one who got me to like roasted lamb with potatoes. In the early days at my house, she would say, “Let’s have a bacon buttie.” They were always so delicious and I’m surprised I wasn’t 300 lbs by the time she went home! When I last saw her at her home in Spain, she had had a pot cooking on the stove for days, making her amazing gravy. Any food that wasn’t used or leftover went into that pot. I got a little taste of it on the day I was heading back to London. I had so wished that the gravy was ready before I left. The taste lingered on my palate for a while.


Julian was always on her mind. She raised a son she was proud of. I remembered John saying to me how Cynthia did such a great job “raising this little man.” I agreed.


In the end, the love of her life was a man named Noel Charles. He brought her out of her shell and was her protector. When he passed away a couple of years ago, I saw the light go out of her eyes.


Cynthia, I will miss our time together. Love you lots… xxx


Cynthia, Julian and May at the Reception for the White Feather Foundation in Liverpool.

Cynthia, Julian and May at the Reception for the White Feather Foundation in Liverpool.

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  • Keri Ford

    Really nice tribute I like it that you two struck up a friendship.

  • Isabel María Guzmán

    At least someone remembers her. I hate how she’s being erased out of everything.
    I’m glad she went with Noel. At least she found the stability she needed.


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